I'm raising my daughter to be 'traditional wife' one day - and that it is perfectly acceptable to serve and depend on a man

This mother is actually ensuring that her daughter has a balace of influences.  Her daughter will get plently of feminist propaganda at school

My own experience of a traditional wife has been very good.  When I married Jenny I told her to ditch her job and enabled her to become a full-time wife and mother.  She was grateful for that and embraced the role enthusiastically. And just yesterday  -- 40 years later -- she told me that I am her highest priority.  Beat that!

An Australian stay-at-home mum has caused a stir by saying she is teaching her young daughter to 'serve' her family and 'depend' on her future husband. 

Jasmine Dinis is a self described 'traditional wife' who is raising her daughter to want the same instead of getting a university education or career of her own.  

Many were quick to criticise Jasmine's old-fashioned parenting style and pointed out while there is nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mum, the notion of a woman 'serving' her husband could be 'anti-feminist'.

'I'm teaching my daughter that it's perfectly acceptable to depend on a man and that serving her husband and bearing children will be her greatest joy,' the mum-of-one wrote in an online video. 

Jasmine has more than 145,000 followers across TikTok and Instagram as she posts snippets of her life 'encouraging traditional motherhood and marriage'. 

'In a world full of women teaching their children that their only goal is to go to university, get a good job and make money, I'm teaching my little girl to live a slow life, to be a biblical women that wants a husband and a beautiful family that she can serve daily,' she captioned the video. 

'That joy comes from God and family, not from a career.'

The controversial video was seen more than 3.4million times with viewers quick to slam Jasmine for 'deciding' her daughter's future. 

'I hope you will support her in other career options if she expresses she doesn't want what you wanted,' one woman said. 

'Ah yes. What could go wrong here???' asked another. 

'You don't know what her biggest joy will be. Let her decide on her own,' a third wrote. 

'Girls - don't depend on anyone else but YOU! You are your own rock, your own foundation, your own future,' added a fourth. 

But not everyone was outraged by Jasmine's sentiment.

'This is absolutely beautiful,' one woman said. 

'You're an incredible mother and living this way is fulfilling in the deepest level,' a second agreed. 

'She's teaching her daughter there is still empowerment in creating a home. If it doesn't apply to you that's fine,' another replied. 



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