Liberals Beyond Stupid

Read the excerpt from an article by Ray Kraft below.  It sets out well a problem that conservatives constantly encounter:  Why are Leftists so unreachable by reason? You can point out holes in their arguments but they are unmoved.  And some of their claims are entirely out of touch with reality. "All men are equal", being the prime example of that.  And they can change positions on a dime -- as Mr. Obama did: In the Senate he was against gay marriage. As president he was for it.

I think I can explain why they are like that.  Freud understood. Sometimes people NEED false beliefs to make them happy with themselves and with life.  Not everyone can face reality head-on. The use of mind-altering dugs is proof of that.  Even in prehistoric times they brewed beer.  Men have always needed to blunt the harsh impact of reality.  Some of us can come down from delusions and finally face the real world and others can do that only partially or not at all.

And the Leftist has a particularly strong need that he has to cope with.  He is a born-angry person; Born-miserable; Born unhappy. And the happiness research is very clear:  You are largely born with your level of happiness/unhappiness. Some things can lift you up and some things can drag you down but it is transient.  You soon revert to your chronic level of unhappiness.

The Leftist could take anger management classes or prayerfully approach the wisdom of Christ but he does not do that.  He does what Freud called displacement.  He explains his anger as caused by something outside himself  -- as caused by "injustice", for instance.  But the world is awash with injustice.  Just the fact that 50% of the population is of below average IQ is a huge injustice. So conservatives just accept that while doing what little they realistically can do to ameliorate problems.

But the Leftist does not want to solve any problem.  He wants to mentally bathe and luxuriate in problems.  Even if some problem is solved, there will always be more problems.  He needs injustices to explain to himself why he is so angry.  So he sees himself as living in a world of evil, conniving people.  "I'm not mad. There really are lots of bad people out there" is his message to himself.

And as Freud pointed out, such false beliefs tend to be deeply entrenched. The defensive person cannot afford to let go of his false beliefs.  Lose too much of his protective belief system and he will have to face his own unfortunate nature head-on.  He would have to face the reality that there are no sufficient grounds for his unhappiness.

So, in a word, the Leftist NEEDS his angry beliefs.  He cannot afford to let go of them.  Compared to his needs, logic and reason is a very weak force

I am coming to suspect that liberalism may be a genetic defect, or at least a congenital defect, because in the correspondence I get froms libs I observe that most of them are completely unable to grasp even the most rudimentary concepts of logic and reason, and also completely unable to grasp the idea that they are not grasping the most rudimentary concepts of logic and reason.

I am not sure that it is merely beyond their will, I am coming to suspect it is beyond their ability.

Those who are able to think more or less rationally and logically tend to become conservative and Republican, while those who are unable to think more or less rationally and logically tend to become liberal and Democrat.

Which makes the Democratic party (as it is today) by definition the party of illogic and unreason, the party of emotionalism rampant.

This may have something to do with the fact that Logic, as a subject, is no longer taught in most schools.

The libs who are not thinking coherently always think (or feel) that they are thinking coherently, no matter how clearly and cogently one points out that they are not. They are apparently unable to recognize (much less understand, or analyze) the inconsistencies and non sequiturs in their own thinking -

For instance, if one points out that the observed one degree of global atmospheric warming over the last century (per the IPCC report) is hardly conclusive proof of catastrophic runaway global warming, and probably within the margin of measuring error (!) the response is Yes! There is Global Warming! Didn't you see Al Gore's movie?! . . . so there really is Global Warming, Toto, I guess, even if we can't actually see it.

Yes, some glaciers are melting, but the fact that glaciers have been melting for the last ten or fifteen thousand years since the beginning of the end of the last ice age is an uncomprehended, or incomprehensible, idea, that cannot possibly have any relevance at all to the faith and doctrine of Global Warming!



  1. The straight and arrowNovember 7, 2019 at 5:54 AM

    Your life is your fault. This is a rude main rule with room for exceptions. It is rude because false victims may have to bear the burden of their falsities. It has room for exceptions because life is what you make it and sometimes what others make of it. But if so be it, what will you do next, will you blame or embrace the main rule?

    I have been thinking about values lately and fortunately good values are still being taught, absorbed and learnt. May good values be plentiful, encircle and conquer detrimental values. May sour values be exchanged for better ones by learning.

    But reality is that sometimes even leftists and rightists come together to curse human liberty and try to save people from being able to learn their lessons. But leftism especially is quick to judge something as terrible and demand that those deemed responsible get naked in public and/or show their hand. And it may well be that some people make terrible decisions, but one should not be robbed of one’s responsibility. It is worth nothing that leftism will demand that others show their hand while in a sleight of hand is quick to disguise their resentment for liberty and human free will, which is how people learn.

  2. I know lots of lefties, and yes, they all have anger problems of a sort. None are contented people. Some try hard to portray themselves as calm, caring, new age, and not hateful, but underneath is lurking a barely contained tantrum. It may be open anger or it may be passive and subversive anger, it may be chronic irritation, resentment, jealousy, sulking or angry outbursts, the anger may alternate with depression and/or anxiety but it is always there in some form. I used to have an anger problem too, but I came to understand Christ’s teachings and received a new heart and with that new heart a whole new outlook. No anger since then, and no leftist inclinations. Just a contented kind heart that I cannot take credit for.

  3. PS. But admittedly my life is easy, certainly at present, I have employment (part time but enough), a house to live in, and my health is not good but not awful. I don't know how I would feel or cope if I were in unending painful ill health and unemployed and/or homeless. Such things are testing, and hardship can distort one's outlook.

    But western lefties also mostly have comfortable lives. Most are very well off and materially have more comfortable lives than I do. Like me they live in civilised democratic countries with Christianised cultures, in capitalist systems with welfare provisions. So life for most is fairly comfortable. Yet the lefties at work are always unhappy, resentful over nothing or over minor inconveniences, always complaining about the unfair system, angry at their superiors (unless their superiors are stroking their egos), angry at the "glass ceiling", the "patriarchy", the need for more "equality" -- even though they all have good government funded jobs, they are always portraying themselves as society's good people, talking about "making a difference", how much they "care", "empowerment", the need to stop bullying and sexual harassment (of which I don't see any except from them), and the need for "emotional safety" (whatever that is)... etc.


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