A sneaky Leftist attack on a truth teller

Paul Joseph Watson has a website called Prison Planet. He posted a screenshot of a children's BBC show, depicting a cartoon family in Roman Britain.

Watson said: Thank God the BBC is portraying Roman Britain as ethnically diverse.  I mean, who cares about historical accuracy, right?

Well, before we had a moment to think about how to respond, Mike Stuchbery turned up in the comments. Mike is a historian and someone who clearly takes his profession - and Roman Britain - very seriously.

He Tweeted: Roman Britain was ethnically diverse, almost by design. To begin, occupying legions were drawn from other parts of the Empire. The Romans learned a lesson earlier with the Germans. Don't give the locals an 'in' to occupying military forces.

He took his time to explain that, actually, it seemed that Watson could be seen as the one pushing an agenda here since, yes, Roman Britain was a pretty ethnically diverse place.


Stuchbery is being deliberately devious.  It is true that the legions sent to Britannia were not Italian.  It seems likely that they were mostly in fact from neighboring Gaul (France).  But there were certainly men from all over the empire.

BUT:  The picture objected to is clearly of a black family -- sub-Saharan Africans. And the Roman empire did NOT cover any part of sub-Saharan Africa!

Stuchbery quoted reports of NORTH Africans in Roman Britain but North africans were then and still mostly are:  WHITE.

And recent DNA studies have shown that even the ancient Egyptians were typical Mediterraneans -- like Lebanon, Greece, Italy etc.  They were not black. See here

But the report above appeared in Elle so I suppose we have to expect brainlessness from a fashion magazine. They certainly did no fact checking.  They just cheered that the conservative was apparently "proved" wrong.  They were riding a cloud of ignorance.

It is of course possible that there was somewhere in Roman Britain at some time one or two blacks but to represent blacks as typifying Roman Britain is absurd to the point of dishonesty.  Watson was perfectly right.

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