Good riddance to bad rubbish

She was in charge of the "totally chaotic" operation which led to British police shooting dead an innocent electrician who was just minding his own business but looked "woggy".  Anyone else who goofed so badly would have been at least demoted.  Why did she skate free?  For the same reason she got such a responsible job in the first place:  Because she is an open Lesbian.  And homosexuals are a privileged class.  Pity about the man her bungling caused to be shot, though!  I have observed that masculine-appearing women are often over-confident of their abilities so putting her in charge of anything was a risk.  Reading between the lines below, however, she has now been eased out -- probably for other incidents of incompetence

Cressida Dick,​ ​the senior police officer​ ​who headed the operation ​which led to the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, is quitting Scotland Yard after 31 years.

Her departure for​ ​an undisclosed security role at the​ ​Foreign and Commonwealth Office comes just months after she was moved from a key counter-terror role at the Metropolitan​ ​Police.

As the​ ​assistant commissioner in charge of specialist operations, including counter-terrorism, between 2011 and this summer,​ ​Miss Dick​ is​ ​one of​ ​ Britain's​ ​most senior​ ​female police officers.

However,​ ​a reorganisation saw her​ ​put in charge of specialist crime​, including overseeing investigations into murder and sexual offences.

M​is​s Dick, ​54, was ​in charge of a surveillance operation which led to the ​ fatal police ​shooting of​ ​Mr de Menezes​, a Brazilian electrician, when he was mistaken for a suicide bomber​ ​in the wake of the failed July 21 bomb attacks on London's transport network​.

Miss Dick g​ave evidence at a trial ​connected with the shooting and at ​an inquest ​in 2008, when she came close to tears as she described the "horrible'' and "terrible'' tragedy.

The​​ control room ​of which she was in charge was said to be "very noisy and quite chaotic" by one witness.

She denied that she gave an order that Mr de Menezes must be stopped from getting on to a train at Stockwell "at all costs" and also denied instructing the firearms teams to use lethal force to stop him.


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