Animalistic NSW government department

Dogs are allowed to travel on Sydney buses - transit officers got it wrong

In February last year, Pema the border collie watched from on board a near-empty bus heading into Sydney as her owner, Eedra Zey, was dragged off by police, thrown to the ground, handcuffed and arrested for refusing to get off the bus with her dog. She was travelling without incident, with a valid ticket issued by the bus driver who clearly saw her dog.

But the very next day the State Transit Authority and the Transport Minister revealed what few of its own drivers and transit officers seem to know - dogs and other pets are allowed on buses. The police dropped their charges, but not the transit authority.

But State Transit still issued Zey with an infringement notice for 'having animal on bus' and dragged the matter before the courts. State Transit even confirmed the driver had allowed Ms Zey and Pema on to the bus.

Finally, the matter was determined by the court and Ms. Zey was found 'not guilty'.


Read Eedra Zey's comment on the matter here. She should sue the b*stards. She seems to be a bit of an activist so maybe she will. Police who make the law up as they go along are deeply offensive.

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