Wrong Book....

For most of this decade, the viagra-hippies, campus-geeks, eco-freaks, and snug-in-their-drugs tweeks have been pissin' themselves about how America was supposedly turning into George Orwell's "1984".

In last night's post, I wondered how long it'd take before the "royal decrees" of der Fehler - such as the firing of GM's Wagoner - began to impact you and me directly.
More specifically, I've been wondering how long before the lunatics-running-the-asylum in D.C. began implementing something similar to the infamous Directive # 10-289 from Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged".
Lately, current events have reminded me of that book, so I've been rereading it.

Well, while I was wondering WHEN something like that might go down, it seems that the inimitable (and excrable) barney frank was ALREADY hard at work crafting the "Pay for Performance Act of 2009", which - among other hideously unAmerican things - would allow the tax-cheating head of the IRS (geithner) to set wages and salaries for ALL employees of any company taking "stimulus" money.

Add to that President obumpersticker's asinine idea of indentured servitude for high school students and college kids - supposedly just an "oopsie" on his website during the campaign - and you have to wonder about the so-called "post-racial" candidate reintroducing slavery as part of his socialist agenda.

"1984" or "Atlas Shrugged"?

The leftists were worried about the wrong book.
I met John Galt at Wal-Mart today............

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