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Daily Mail - A judge has ruled that failed asylum seekers should be refused free NHS treatment, declaring they 'ought not to be here'. Delivering a judgment that will save the taxpayer millions of pounds, Lord Justice Ward added: 'They should never have come here in the first place.' The test case was brought by a 35-year-old Palestinian, known as YA, who has links to the extremist Hamas party. Victory would have opened the door for thousands of failed claimants with conditions such as HIV or cancer to claim treatment and even benefits, paid for out of public funds.
What surprises me about this case is not that the judge ruled in favor of the tax payer, but that this case was even entertained in a court. That means it could have easily gone the other way. Now that I think about it, considering the leftist leanings of some western judiciaries the judge ruling in favor of the taxpayer does surprise me. Perhaps I should just be grateful that at least that much happened.
But asylum groups attacked the court's verdict. Donna Covey, chief executive of the Refugee Council, said: 'Almost all asylum seekers arrive in the UK with nothing, and a great many of those who are refused but who can't go home straight away end up homeless and destitute. 'To refuse treatment to those people simply because they cannot pay for it is appalling and inhumane.'
Well then you start a fund of some sort that can be used for the treatment of these destitude people Donna Covey. After all we are often told that there are many, many lefties out there who support your 'humane' cause, not to mention the Hamass "freedom-fighters", so it shouldn't be a problem to get them to voluntarily cough up, no?

Speaking of lefties and countries run by lefties.
El Universal - Since January 2008, he [Edward Jardine] chairs the Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Venamcham). Today, he would like to share the membership opinion.

......Therefore, many Latin American countries are turning to the left, mostly in reply to their peoples' needs. Now then, is the leftwing to solve the problems? Not at all. We are witnessing it in the country, in Guayana companies, where the situation is near to an outburst. The government is not keeping its word, not even with regard to collective bargaining agreement.

As (opposition leader) Teodoro Petkoff said, there are two leftwing trends –one, more moderate, like (Chilean President Michelle) Bachelet and (Brazilian President Luiz Inácio) Lula Da Silva, who understand that economy should be kept, and another, sharper trend. For instance, (Venezuelan) President (Hugo) Chávez has never said so, but everybody already knows we are heading for communism, no matter if they want to name it 21st Century socialism.
And he says it so calmly like he's talking about the coming summer or something. How many does communism have to kill before the world has had enough of the wretched ideology. Apparently a lot more than tens of millions for Chavez; and I'm sure Chavez will say, it'll work this time, just give communism a chance folks.
El Universal - The government’s bid to overcome food shortage is based on a model to encourage agriculture that focuses on collective ownership, through socialist communes. In a speech last March 21st, President Hugo Chávez announced the economic measures taken by the government to avoid the fiscal crisis. "We are going to speed up agriculture projects, including communal economy-related plans," he said. ......How many courtyards are there in Caracas; how many courtyards are there in the suburban areas. We must speed up the projects." In this context, President Chávez has boosted the commune production model, where private property in farms and small ranches is replaced by collective and land tenure organizations.
From the sounds of things, I wouldn't want to be owning a 'courtyard' and be unwilling to share it in Venezuela. I wonder when Chavez is going to start taking land by force, have the odd landowner who is standing in the way of the great utopia shot, when the only court a landowner will get near to have a say being his own court-yard. Perhaps when the production isn't quite as great as everyone's fantasies. Perhaps, when they finally learn from experience what Aristotle said centuries ago, That which is common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed upon it.

Moving on to another murderous ideology that’s responsible for so many deaths all over this planet.
Pakistan Daily - Blood-soaked bedding was strewn with blackened body parts in the police barracks in Police Training School in Manawan on Monday after the last of the gunmen who stormed the building blew themselves up. The attackers, armed with grenades and rifles, launched an assault on the centre during a morning drill session, shooting down recruits on their dusty parade ground. They held off police and soldiers for about eight hours before the last three gunmen made a stand on the top floor of the three-storey building.

They blew themselves up as security forces launched a final assault, police said. “I can't tell you what I saw and what kind of terror I went through,” 19-year-old recruit Zahid Usman told his mother by mobile phone shortly after the violence ended. “They were not human beings. They were not Muslims, they were evil,” a sobbing Usman said.
Oh they are Muslims son, and they killed 9 of you in the name of Islam, the longer it takes people to figure it out, the more they will kill, that's just the way it is.

On a more cheery note.
Israel National News - United States officials have confirmed that Israel Air Force warplanes bombed a truck convoy in Sudan in January. The trucks were carrying arms that would be smuggled into Gaza for use against Israel, the officials said, according to a report in the New York Times. Israel has refused to confirm or deny the attack, but Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made a statement, after the reports of the attack surfaced, that Israel has been striking at terror targets “near and far,” and warned enemies, “there is no place that Israel can't reach.” Israel strikes terrorists “in the north and in the south... There's no need to mention details; people can use their imaginations,” Olmert said.
Woohoo, I don't know about you folks, but nothing cheers me up quite like the news of fire and pestilence being rained down upon jihadist savages. Well done Israel for sending a crystal-clear message to jihadist savages around the world, you're right about the vast Jewish conspiracy. You keep hating Jews and killing them and they'll continue conspiring to bring fire and pestilence upon you, where ever you maybe be hiding.

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