Oh Eurabia

I don't know about the rest of you bloggers, but I'd be happy to fall to my knees and thank the Lord for 60 years of peace, I'd be most happy that the mad communists in the old Russia are no longer thinking of wiping out the planet in a first or second strike, but that's just me.
Europe has been searching for years for something to inspire a new generation of citizens - a generation unimpressed by 60 years of peace and the ending of the continents' Cold War divisions.
What, are Germans missing the Allies carpet bombing their rear ends back to the stone age, having all limbs and body part intact a bit boring is it!! Well I've got news for them, like the German brothel that had to back down from displaying the muslim country's flags, I can see a spanner in the works, they may yet long for the old boring days, keep reading.
The European Union has come up with a new way of selling itself to voters - cake.
To celebrate Europe Day - 9 May is the day a European union was first proposed - the EU's Austrian presidency took over a cafe in each capital to illustrate the continent's culinary richness.
Look carefully,
The poster with all 27 cakes, sweets and pastries

See second line from the bottom, middle picture, looks like an ice cream cone, or is it a turban ... want more ... far right (no pun intended), third from the top, looks like a cross to me, those Christians again, a crusader sword perhaps, oh my. Mmmmmm I see a fatwa, I hear blades being sharpened, I see spines suddenly becoming undernourished and knee muscles deteriorating rapidly.

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