A bet each way

Via The Jawa Report
Indonesia - Villagers burned incense and floated offerings to the spirits, hoping to ward off an eruption of Mount Merapi, but volcanic activity intensified on Monday to its highest level yet — with one blast sending debris more than two miles down the slope.

In one of the villages in the shadow of Merapi, holy men and hundreds of people lit incense and set rice, fruit and vegetables floating down a river in a ceremony they believed would appease the spirits and prevent an eruption. "It's bound to help," Parsi, a villager who like many Indonesians using only one name, said after the ceremony. "Everyone around here believes in this. It is in our blood."

Although most Indonesians are Muslim, many also worship ancient spirits, especially in Central Java province. "All the things we are doing here are to try to make us safe," said Assize Asyhori, an Islamic preacher who took part in the ceremony. "Only Allah knows if Merapi will explode."
Since Iran's president is currently in Indonesia getting chummy with other world leaders, perhaps someone could ask what he thinks of this, 'having a bet each way'. Is he happy with that, afterall we are always asked to accommodate, surrender and appease, perhaps some leftists could ask him, or have the spines been misplaced again.

Alternatively he could head over to mount Merapi and use his infamous halo, or was it light, whatever, use it to tell Merapi to shut the hell up. He has nothing to lose, only 72+ virgins to gain, but somehow I think the villagers are better off heading in any direction away from Merapi rather than waiting unblinking for the great leader and his accompanying disco lights.

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