Beware the Converts

We’ll be seeing a lot more of this:

TWO people, including a prisoner at a NSW jail, have been charged with plotting a Sydney bombing.

Police alleged in Sydney's Central Local Court today that Hussan Kalache, 28, conspired with Jill Courtney, 26, to place explosives in, or near, a public place with intent to cause harm. Ms Courtney was arrested by counter-terrorism police in a raid in March.

It is understood that Kalache was angry about the Cronulla riots and promised to marry Ms Courtney, a Muslim convert, if she bombed the city.
Islam’s attraction is the key. Its promotion of ‘peace’ and ‘love’, however, have absolutely nothing to do with that attraction, starkly demonstrated by what it was this convert was apparently proposing to do. It begs the question, though, what is it about Islam that appeals to this kind of mind? What is it these people are actually ‘converting’ to? In answer, I’ll happily make a bet on this particular convert’s politics prior to the conversion.

And there’s the real link.

It’s the fascination with populist dictators (and dictatorship) that takes centre stage here. There’s simply nothing ‘liberal’ about these people (no matter what the Leftist ‘avatars’ constantly try to tell us), or ‘peaceful’ about the ideology that apparently so appeals (which is why it appeals, of course). Has Islam become the new route to revolution, the violent overthrow of everything evil (aka The West)? In many Leftist minds, I believe it has (which, I also believe, is the real reason behind the ‘inclusive’ Left's strident defence of this ideology).

But the real problem is that you know this insanity is growing when something like this is now happily (and effectively) banned in most of the hospitals in our Nation, but then something like this, a suite of Islamic terrorist handbooks, some featuring glowing endorsements from Osama bin Laden, are apparently just fine.

We’ve got some very real problems here. And they’re getting worse.

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