Worse to Bad

I wonder how many millions this new council will be squandering for their meetings, get-togethers and waffling sessions and achieving bugger all.
Several nations considered by activists to have poor human rights records have won election to the newly formed UN Human Rights Council. China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russia and Saudi Arabia were among 44 states confirmed on the 47-strong council, elected by the UN General Assembly.

The new body replaces the Human Rights Commission, discredited for having members with terrible rights records.
On the plus side the following are not part of this waste of space. It seems Chavez should have held off on his proposed 25 year dictatorship aspirations, till these elections were over, but then again who cares. Its not like this Human Rights council can achieve anything, apart from bringing peace to the dead.
Venezuela and Iran - also judged unsuitable - failed to win election. Azerbaijan faces defeat in the final round of voting. The disbanded Human Rights Commission numbered Sudan and Zimbabwe among its members.

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