Tanzanians shocked; Australians bored. . .

Tanzania shocked by runaway boxers

Tanzania's Commonwealth Games team has returned home with two medals, but without two boxers who have gone missing in Australia.

The Tanzanian twosome's behaviour has shocked team-mates and relatives as they are the first athletes to disappear while representing their country.

Prisons officer Iddi Omary Kimweri vanished last week, while his compatriot Karim Matumla, who is a lance corporal in the Tanzania army, disappeared on Monday morning just before the team were about to board their flight back home.

Henry Ramadhan, who headed the delegation to Melbourne, said he had taken precautionary measures after the first boxer had gone missing, but Matumla outsmarted him.

"We were together having breakfast and then Matumla excused himself. He said he was going out to make a short phone call, but he never came back," Mr Ramadhan said.
On their eventual detection, I think that makes an immediate trip to the airport (with a one-way ticket back to Tanzania) almost a cert’, then. You can pretty much hear the ‘refugee’ advocates screaming already though, can’t you? In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if. . .
Tanzanian Minister of Information, Culture and Sports Muhammed Seif Khatib said that while the government was not happy, it did not feel embarrassed. He loves his family and his job here. I don't know what has happened to him.

Matumla's brother, Rashid, who is also a high-profile boxer, expressed his family's shock. "He was a soldier, his life was not so bad," he said. "I don't know why he has decided to remain illegally in Australia.

"Maybe there are some people who showed up and promised him something there."
And I think we might know precisely who those people were. What on earth do these idiot 'refugee' advocates think they're doing?

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