Paperwork delay ends family's life in N.Z.

Failure to notify immigration authorities about a job change has cost a South African family the chance of a new life in New Zealand.
Gavin Penfold thought he was doing the right thing when he belatedly notified immigration authorities of a change in his place of work. But his tardiness resulted in his permit being revoked, his residency application rejected and his family branded as overstayers.Now Mr Penfold and his family wait - boxes of belongings at the ready - for immigration authorities to come for them.
A spokesman for Workforce - a branch of the Department of Labour - said Mr Penfold was no longer welcome in this country and for the good of his family should return to South Africa.
so--a government flunkey decides who is "welcome" eh........and what constitutes "for the good of his family". Arrogant bastard.

Mr Gibson ( Penfold's employer) said: "From a New Zealand employer's point of view, we pay our taxes, we vote, we must have some rights, we must be able to say, 'Please, we need this guy. He's adding value to the business. The business will actually suffer because he's not here'."
"have some rights"? Not in New Zealand , mate. If you were gay, on welfare, a Somali refugee who commits acts of violence, an Arab refugee convicted of rape or a Chinese student turned to drug importation then you may have some "rights" as you so amusingly plead. But an employer who generates wealth is pretty low on the food chain in Enzed these days.

Graham Baker at Workforce - a branch of the Department of Labour - said yesterday the permit variation request was received about 10 months after the Penfolds moved to Auckland. That was too long as the permit only allowed him to work at the Whangarei dealership. Mr Baker said the Penfolds should return to South Africa, then reapply to enter New Zealand.
Never mind that the Penfold family sold their possessions at a huge loss, and in an act of desperate faith travelled halfway around the world for the chance of a decent life. This smug, comfortable little bureaucrat--who doubtless has never taken a risk in his comfortable life spent with snout deep in the taxpayer's trough--blithely decides that a family should return to South Africa.
The pain and heartache this would cause, the enormous upheaval and expense and the disappointment --a mere detail.
This bastard won't lose a moment's sleep over it.

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