Stein On the Oscars

I didn't watch the Oscars a few nights ago mainly because I really don't care about them. Most of today's movies are nothing but a bunch of special effects-laden garbage starring grossly overpaid entertainers. I don't even recall the last time I saw a movie.

But I think the best take on the Oscars was given by none other than Ben Stein.
I did not see every second of it, but my wife did, and she joins me in noting that there was not one word of tribute, not one breath, to our fighting men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan or to their families or their widows or orphans. There were pitifully dishonest calls for peace - as if the people we are fighting were interested in any peace for us but the peace of the grave. But not one word for the hundreds of thousands who have served and are serving, not one prayer or moment of silence for the dead and maimed.
Truer words were never spoken. Stein had much more to say, I merely highlighted that little snippet. See the entire speech at The American Spectator.

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