Welcome to Australia, Condoleezza Rice

Hope you love you visit, glad to have you, good on you for spreading freedom and thanks for standing firm on those hateful jihadists.

We know you won't be bothered by a few riff raff, calling for peace and freedom, by using violence and harrassing those who hold different opinions to them.

You know as well as we do, they hate us just a much as they hate you and your country, the majority of us would be much happier if they would move off to one of their beloved utopias where they could set utopian examples for us.

Police have clashed with protesters at the front gates of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music ahead of a speech there by US Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice. Anti-war activists were rallying against US involvement in Iraq as Dr Rice prepared to deliver a speech at the conservatorium. About 50 protesters gathered outside the building in Macquarie St and were met by police on foot, on horseback, and with dogs.

Police used the horses to push the protesters back, as a police helicopter hovered over the scene. Police made no early arrests but had to go to the rescue of The Daily Telegraph columnist Piers Akerman, who was being jostled by protesters.

The Stop the War Coalition says Dr Rice is a "war criminal" and is not welcome in Australia.

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