Landlord's surprisingly direct response to a tenant after finding out about their complaints on a rental property

I can heartily endorse this story.  I once owned property interstate so relied on agents to look after them.  The agents were shockers.  On one occasion a storm blew a hole in a garage roof.  The agent collected the insurance money to fix  it but did nothing to the roof.  It was only when I visited months later that I found the hole still there.  Agents are lazy  !@##$%$%s in my experience

A landlord has given a surprisingly direct response after finding out about their tenants' complaints about a rental property, saying he didn't know about the problems.

The East Melbourne house's multiple defects - the leaks started four days after the tenants moved in - were revealed in a video by tenants' advocate Jordie van den Berg.

But the owner saw the video and replied under the posting that 'Funny enough I'm the landlord that owns this property, before you go blaming me for everything please listen to my side.

'I'm very sorry for everything that has happened but I'm currently rectifying all the issues on the house now, I honestly didn't know about this.' 

The infuriated owner later added that he 'Will not be using [the agent] anymore and will be making sure my brothers, family and friends don't use them either for their investments.'

Mr van den Berg said that 'This is what's wrong with the real estate industry. Turns out the landlord didn't know about the issues...

'How is a landlord supposed to rectify issues they don't know about because an agency isn't doing their job?' 

The tenants' rights activist, who is also a lawyer, is so passionate about the housing issue that he has set up a website to expose terrible rentals called s*** 

'It's not the first time that the landlord has become aware of issues at a property due to a video that I've made, the real estate agency hasn't told them,' Mr van den Berg told Daily Mail Australia. 

'I suspect it's going to happen a lot more now with the new website, because (of agencies that) don't do their jobs.'


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