A festival of hate from "Yes" voters

The Albanian should be ashamed at what he has unleashed in Australia by his racist proposal.  A caring national leader would want his people to live in harmony with one another and Australians have been pretty good that way.  Albo has instead unleashed hatred between people in his pre-occupation with race and his desire to favour forever one particular race

My only consolation is that the reports below seem isolated.  When and where I voted recently (No!) everything was peaceful.  The only holdup was that I had to wait a bit for my democracy sausage.  And I enjoyed it undisturbed

Wild footage has captured the moment a Yes and No supporter clashed as tensions continue to flare over the Voice to Parliament referendum. 

The pair scuffled at an information booth on Maryland Street at Stanthorpe, in the Southern Downs Region of Queensland, on September 30.

Footage showed a male Yes voter striking up a threatening pose as he towered over an elderly female No campaigner while children walked in the background.

The No supporter was wearing a board with the words: 'Reject racism. Vote No.'

The Yes voter nonsensically tells the woman that he is over a century old and has died numerous times.

'I'm over 110. I've died nine times in a row,' he claims before noticing that he is being filmed by another man.

The Yes supporter then turns on the camera man and tries to slap the camera out of the man's hand. 

The cameraman warned: 'I'll deck you.'  'So this is what the Yes voters do,' he continued.

The footage was shared to Facebook where social media users were quick to condemn the Yes supporter.

'It's sad to see how some people behave, just because it doesn't sit with you the way others think and vote doesn't give you the right to behave like that,' one wrote. 

In another video filmed at a Tawoomba pre-polling place, in Southern Queensland, MP Garth Hamilton is approached by an elderly man who proceeds to swear at him.

Mr Hamilton, who was campaigning for the No vote at the time, wishes the man a good day after he is sworn at, only for the man to turn around and continue shouting.

'I can't have a good day mate, I've already had a f***ing bad day and coming here to vote in something that is only a matter for First Australians is b***** wrong,' he snaps. 

The elderly man walks away while continues to shout obscenities as Mr Hamilton calmly turns his back. 

Other instances of violence have been reported around the country which have stemmed from the Voice. 

A heated confrontation between Yes and No supporters at an early voting centre in Ipswich resulted in one man being hospitalised and another arrested.

The confrontation, initially a shouting match, escalated into a violent incident at the North Ipswich early voting centre in inner Brisbane.

Police claim that at around 11:30 am on October 3rd, a 30-year-old man engaged in a verbal argument with a 65-year-old man, which later turned physical when the younger man assaulted the older individual.

The 65-year-old man was taken to Ipswich Hospital for treatment.

The elderly man is understood to have suffered serious head injuries.

Another incident occurred when an Aboriginal man who went to vote early in Rockhampton, in Central Queensland, was humiliated by Yes campaigners in front of his wife and daughter.

'I went to vote early and as I'm going to the voting place, I was abused because I took a pamphlet from the No vote and I didn't take a pamphlet from the Yes vote,' he told Brisbane 4BC host Sofie Formica.

Three weeks ago, more than 1,000 No supporters visited the Adelaide Convention Centre to hear Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and other No campaigners speak at the Fair Australia rally.

But the event was gatecrashed by Yes campaigners who called attendees 'racist'.

Liberal senator Alex Antic filmed a crowd of protesters who screamed at him as he walked into the event.



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