Leftist hate speech against Jews again

We read:
"Following the story we posted yesterday about a Wall St. protester berating a Jewish man and making anti-Semitic remarks, another video has surfaced today of a man spewing more anti-Jewish hate.

In the video dated October 3, Monday, a grungy-looking man can be seen near the site of the Occupy Wall St. protests screaming to the crowd that “the Jews control Wall Street!”

When a man who claims to be Jewish challenges the alleged protester’s remarks, he screams back, “This is not Israel,“ ”Freedom of speech,“ ”Google Wall Street Jew,“ ”You greedy pig,“ and ”Go to Israel!”

As tensions rise, the crowd alleges that the protester has been paid by Fox News to stage a scene, one man even saying “Didn’t I see you getting out of a Fox News van earlier?” and a woman asking if he got paid $50 to utter his hate. His response? “F**k Fox News“ and ”A f***ing Jew made that up.”


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