Wrong to imply that a female is catty?

The "cat" in question is an Australian Leftist lesbian politician of Chinese origin (I kid you not). A conservative Senator "miaowed" at her in the Australian Parliament
A Liberal [Party] senator's cat-call at a government minister has reignited a row over politicians' sexist attitudes, with Labor accusing coalition MPs of "feral" behaviour.

Finance Minister Penny Wong was arguing with opposition senators about when Treasury secretary Martin Parkinson would appear before an economics committee hearing.

Tasmanian Liberal [party] senator David Bushby made the cat noise as she was answering a question, which drew a sharp rebuke from Senator Wong.

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That women are sometimes "catty" has long been a very common observation. Now forbidden? It's "sexist" apparently. Given the abuse that Leftists dish out ("Nazi" etc.) it seems pretty mild to me.

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