Workers Punished After Disabled homosexuals Are Told to Leave Public Pool for ‘Excessive’ Affection

It seems to be rather common for homosexuals to do in public what others would normally reserve for the bedroom so I can imagine what might have offended the workers concerned. It's a sad day when upholding moral standards is punished

Officials in a small city in eastern Kentucky are disciplining a couple of workers after two disabled gay men were told to leave a public pool.

The city of Hazard said Saturday one worker had been suspended for a week without pay. The employee, Kim Haynes, told investigators the couple was engaged in an excessive display of affection while at the pool with the social service group Mending Hearts.
Haynes also acknowledged referencing the Bible in an argument with the leader of the Mending Hearts group, saying the affection wasn’t tolerated.

The manager of the Hazard Pavilion also was reprimanded for unbecoming conduct, The Courier-Journal reported.

The city manager says new anti-discrimination signs will be posted at the pool, as well as signs warning against excessive public displays of affection.


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