The unanswerable question?

In one of my postings here yesterday I mentioned a new "skeptic killer" website that grandly claimed to speak for "the scientific community" despite having only a tiny fraction of that community on their list of supporters. They profess to be able to refute all arguments put up by "deniers".

Their pretensions have attracted a lot of attention with a very long comment thread on which both both skeptics and Warmists post. The Warmists generally try to refute what the skeptics post.

But there is one entirely factual and super-simple skeptical question there that no Warmist had dared touch when I posted yesterday and again today is has had no answers. It goes to the very heart of their argument and would seem completely fatal to it so it is no wonder that it is the Warmists who are in "denial". The question reads as follows:
Hey guys!

I gather that the global temperature has risen by less than one degree Celsius in the last 150 years

That sounds to me like we live in an era of exceptional climate stability

What am I missing?

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