Racist taunts in Australian football

Krakouer is a brown-skinned guy of partly indigenous origin and Majak Daw is a very black African (below)

Rogue fans racially taunting footballers have soured the weekend's AFL and VFL matches. Collingwood president Eddie McGuire blew up in the second quarter last night after hearing a St Kilda fan's slurs at Collingwood's Andrew Krakouer.

Earlier, a Port Melbourne supporter was evicted from TEAC Oval after racially abusing North Melbourne's Sudanese-born rookie Majak Daw.

McGuire's fury was captured on television cameras and he said he was infuriated by hearing "borderline racial abuse".


What was said to Krakouer nobody is saying but that it was only "borderline racist" suggests excessive sensitivity.

Fans abusing members of an opposing team is as old as the hills and sportsmen mostly get used to it. But the fuss made when the abuse has a racial reference of some kind prevents any such adaptation.


I gather that the jibe at Krakouer was in fact a reference to his criminal background. You are of course not supposed to mention it when a black has a criminal background.

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