Are we controlled by a hidden race of reptiles in human form?

We see that claim from time to time, particularly in the messages of David Icke, who is a good publicist whatever else he is.

So where does that idea come from?  I think I know.  The key lies in the traits ascribed to the reptilians concerned.  They deny what they really are, are emotionally cold and are aiming at our destruction.  So where do we find people like that?

We really are ruled by them.  They are the Leftist elite who exercise very extensive control over our society, do their best to undermine it and whose compassion is only a shallow front.  Leftists are the reptiles concerned

I don't think they are literally reptiles but they are close enough to it in character to have inspired the idea of reptilian control.

A good comment from a reader:

Yes, psychologically lefties are reptiles, due to their psychologically cold blooded hearts, which radiate no true love, so crave a sense of warmth from external sources, particularly admiration from others, and which strokes their egos, and gives them a sense of status and feelgood emotions. 

When I observe certain lefties like Trudeau, Hanson-Young, and others I have met in person, their cold heartedness and insincerity is clear. 

In person, their eye contact can give them away too. The only heartfelt sense of warmth they can self-generate is anger, which the smartest of them try to hide but it is easily triggered to show forth. They don’t know love, forgiveness, or thankfulness, in the true sense. 

Of course I’m referring to the cunning ones, the teachers, preachers, manipulators and instigators of leftism. Not the ones who are deceived and led astray.  

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