White privilege

I have just been watching one of Jordan Peterson's videos (below).  It is very wide ranging and quite long so I thought It might be useful for me to write something briefer using his thoughts as a starting point

The first and most obvious point is that howls about white privilege are a form of racism. If it is bad to treat blacks according to their skin colour, why is it not bad to treat whites according to their skin colour? Both blacks and whites include a large range of different people so it is crass to treat them as all the same.  Leftists of course have an answer to that.  They say you cannot be racist unless you have power.  Black racism, for instance, is OK because blacks have no power.  Leftists actually condone most racism

But who is railing against whites?  Leftists.  And Leftists DO have power.  The entire governing elite seems to be behind them, as Mr Trump is finding out. Many of the things he wants to do are thwarted by Leftists, Leftist judges in particular.  So the real racists in the world today are the Left.  They have power and they pour out hate at whites.  Whites as a group, on the other hand, systematically oppose racial discrimination.

The second point is that what is mistaken for white privilege is in fact usually majority privilege. If you are a member of a majority, a lot of things in the society will be easier for you.  But that does not apply to whites only.  Being Chinese in China, Indian in India and Hispanic in an Hispanic country will be similarly advantageous.  So it is pissing into the wind to try to abolish that.

So if you want maximum ease in your interactions with others, you have to associate mainly with people like  yourself.  But  what if you are a minority?  You will of course have it harder if you step outside your ethnic boundaries.  So all groups self-segregate.  But if they cannot completely self-segregate, they should ask why.  And the answer will usually be  money.  It's to your monetary  advantage to associate with people unlike yourself.  So Mexicans will leave the society of people like themselves in Mexico to live among "Gringos' in the USA -- because Gringos pay more.  You quite deliberately sacrifice familiarity for money.  And that is a perfectly reasonable decision that deserves no criticism

Peterson rightly locates the whole white privilege story within  the Marxist and post-modernist obsession with power.  Leftists hunger for power. But being white in a white society facilitates the acquisition of power.  And Leftists hate it when someone other than themselves has any kind of power.  And the Leftist  power hunger is an ugly thing.  From the French revolution to Stalin to Mao to Kim Jong Un, they use that power savagely, brutally and murderously.  They hate other people and their actions display that.  Giving Leftists power is very dangerous.  They are regularly Satanic.  Satan is a Leftist telling you what to do.

So we should be glad that there are "privileges" that keep Leftists from gaining access to all power.  Being comfortable among people like yourself isolates you from the brutally different people that Leftists are. "White privilege" is a good thing

Note, in closing, that power jealousy is also behind the strange phenomenon of anti-Israel Jews. Daniel Greenfield in his survey of their thought, says that Jewish Leftists hate any power that is not being used to "correct" and equalize society -- and Israel is undoubtedly powerful. But it uses its power for self-preservation only.

Postmodernism is a major element in current Leftist discourse and postmodernists claim that there is no such thing as right and wrong.  There is only power.  They reveal their own dismal motivations in saying that.  Power is the only thing that motivates them.  Forget all the deceitful claims about their "compassion".  That's just propaganda.


  1. "Satan is a Leftist telling you what to do."
    I certainly agree with that. It reminds me of a line in Shakespeare's, The Tempest, "Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

    "Postmodernism is a major element in current Leftist discourse and postmodernists claim that there is no such thing as right and wrong. There is only power. They reveal their own dismal motivations in saying that. Power is the only thing that motivates them. Forget all the deceitful claims about their "compassion". That's just propaganda."
    Yes, leftist love power and control over others, they are in love with their own effect and influence on other people, and they love their own self-image and feeling good.
    Leftist post-modernists like to say, There is no truth, only individual perception. And they say, There is no right or wrong, only other people's judgement values. And they also like to say, This is a safe space, what we say here is just between us. Those precepts are often said by post modernist leftists, relationship psychologists, counselors, and pedophiles, to con people out of their sense of truth, and right and wrong, to lure them into a false sense of safety, and thus to own them. Leftists try to steal other's conscience. Leftists want to own people's souls. They truly are devilish.

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    An iron fist reigns comfortably in a velvet glove.

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