Warmists can't take a trick:  NOTHING happens the way they say it should

The lack of correlation between CO2 levels and global tempersture is a standard comment from skeptics and it's just happened again

When I was looking just now at how recent were the NOAA figures from Mauna Loa, I found that they included April this year, which wasn't too bad, considering that it is public servants who put the figures up.  I can think of no good reason why the May figures are not yet up but I suppose not enough coffee and cake has so far been consumed for that to happen.

But back to the figures we have:  There was a LEAP in CO2 levels  this year.  Where December 2015 ended up on an average of 401.85 ppm, April averaged 407.42.  That's twice as big as most annual increases.

So, on Warmist theory, temperatures should have leaped too over that same period.  You know what I am going to say:  They in fact remained absolutely flat. GISS shows a January temperature anomaly of 1.11 degrees Celsius and April shows an anomaly of exactly the same!  You couldn't make it up!

And you have to laugh at how futile have been the the vast efforts to reduce CO2 levels.  They just go up and up regardless.  Maybe we should all stop breathing.  Warmists would like that. They are, after all, anthropophobes.

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  1. Research shows that when temperatures rise, an increase in CO2 follows. So, there is a correlation, just not the one warmists think. For CO2 to be the cause of warming it has to occur first, as required by the law of cause and effect. This means that if one thing is causing the other, it is warmer temperatures that cause the increase in CO2.


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