Warmist fear of the truth

I won't go into details but I had an email conversation a few weeks ago with a woman whom I had last seen in the '70s.  I had a small item that she wanted so I suggested that she call in to pick it up.  She lives only about 15 minutes drive away so that would be no burden.  And she seemed keen to do that.

As part of polite catching up she asked me about my mathematician son.  One of the things I said was that he was like me in regarding global warming as absurd to the point of hilarity.

Since I had last seen her, however, she had become a global warming believer.  So I said that when she visited I would like to show her a graph.  I had in mind the graph at the head of this blog.

We closed the conversation shortly thereafter and I have heard and seen neither hide nor hair of her since.  Her interest in visiting me vanished as soon as she suspected that her beliefs would come under challenge.

And when they can't shut us up, that is what the Green/Left do.  They run away.  They HAVE to feel wiser than the rest of us cattle in order to prop up their self-esteem.  ANYTHING is better than feeling small and foolish, which is what they mostly are. So when conservatives present evidence to show that their wisdom is wrong, it is very distressing to them.  They just HAVE to shut all that out.  Sad.

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