"Last Month Was The Hottest March In The Global Satellite Record, And The Arctic Is Still Sizzling"

So says professional Warmist JOE ROMM below, quite ignoring the fact that the warming was ENTIRELY due to natural factors such as El Nino. So let us have a look at that "sizzling" Arctic.  The picture below is from Summit Station in the middle of Greenland, where the temperature at the time of writing was 34 degrees Celsius BELOW zero.  Very strange sizzling!  Exaggeration is very common among liars.  They even claim that 97% of scientists agree with them.  Why not 100%?  Whoops!  Oreskes made that claim too

Last month was the hottest March on record, according to newly-released satellite data. And it followed the hottest February on record. The Arctic was literally off-the-charts warm last month, as we’ll see. It’s no surprise, then, that Arctic sea ice set a record for the lowest maximum extent.


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  1. The graph showing satellite readings shows a very clear warming trend- did you actually read the article?


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