I think Thanksgiving is becoming an occasion mainly for conservatives.  Being grateful for our blessings is normal for conservatives (See here and here and here and here) whereas Leftists focus on problems.  And extreme Leftists of course say that the occasion celebrates a takeover of the territory of others by invaders and is therefore nothing to be celebrated.

Nonetheless, a lot of liberals do sit down with others to share a Thanksgiving meal. And where the gathering is politically mixed there can be tensions. The Boston Globe, writing from the heartland of self-righteousness, however, has a new twist on such dinner tensions.  They say:

"For years, the major Thanksgiving stressors have been set: politics and religion. But as a growing number of Americans go vegan, vegetarian, organic, local, grass-fed, free-range, wheat-free, or Paleo, a third flash point has been added — the divide between those who favor comfortable Thanksgiving fare and, well, food snobs."

And they go on to give examples of the real tensions that can cause.  So once again conservatives are blessed.  They may often have their own food beliefs but their appreciation of tradition would usually come to the fore -- so they would be very unlikely to make an issue of food disciplines on such a happy day.

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  1. I will not eat garlic if possible because I have had some indescribably awful headaches after eating it, so bad I could not move, but they might have been caused by msg so I avoid that too. Apart from those two I will cheerily eat anything put in front of me by a host including any food I dislike and don't normally eat, such as onions, curry, rare or fatty meat, ... and will show my sincere appreciation to my host because that is the right thing to do when someone is kind enough to have you to dinner. But vegetarians don't do the same. Instead, the leather wearing hypocrites inconvenience their host by forcing others to cater for them, and they add to the insult by acting morally superior because of their choice of diet. Of course its different if the vegetarian is polite and helpful about it and not just expecting to be catered to, or if they have medical/allergic difficulties. If I were a vegetarian I like to think it would be a private decision practiced at home and that I would eat meat if someone invited me to their home. I don't smoke either, but I am happy to sit in company with smokers because I don't believe my personal preferences and likes and dislikes in regard to petty things are relevant to the more significant things in life. And I don't believe leftist propaganda that pushes the notion of human physical and psychological fragility and vulnerability. To the contrary, us humans are hardy creatures like cockroaches. Most of us can put all sorts of foods and substances into our bodies without much trouble. Not all but many vegetarians are just lefties using their vegetarianism as another tool by which to impose their will onto others and to have others orbiting around them.


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