Folksy old Bill Nye, the non-science guy is getting himself into the limelight again

His academic background is in mechanical engineering so his claim to be a science guy is thin to start with -- and his ignoring of climate facts reduces him to the status of a prophet rather than a scientist.  And prophets love attention.  And that is pretty clearly what drives Bill.  He is a narcissist.  He feeds off atttention.  Science is optional.

The heading of his most recent article in the pseudo-intellectual "Salon" is "Bill Nye demolishes climate deniers: “The single most important thing we can do now is talk about climate change.” But the article in fact demolishes nobody and nothing.  It is simply a parade of Nye's unsupported opnions.

His Fascism is however in clear view.  He says:  "Part of the solution to this problem or this set of problems associated with climate change is getting the deniers out of our discourse. You know, we can’t have these people – they’re absolutely toxic. And so part of the message in this book is to get the deniers out of the picture"

He does not say how he intends to accomplish that but another socialist of around 70 years ago used gas ovens so would the apple fall far from the tree if circumstances enabled it?  Be that as it may, scientific debate is clearly not on the agenda of "scientist" Nye. He is a prophet in a thin disguise of scientific clothes.

The article is such a lightweight load of tosh that I am not inclined to reproduce it but you can find it here if you have nothing better to do.

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