Social workers - Bastards!

Daily Mail [Britain] - Two young brothers face adoption by a gay couple despite the desperate protests of their mother, grandparents and extended family. The grandparents, an aunt and an uncle have all offered to give the boys, aged six and nine, a loving home but they say social workers have turned them down without explanation. In the past few days the boys were introduced to the male couple in preparation for a formal adoption next month. ......The grandfather, a sports coach in his 60s, said: 'The boys thought they were getting a new mummy and daddy, not a daddy and daddy. We are not homophobic, but we feel strongly this adoption is against our family's Christian values.'

......The uncle said he had discussed the matter with gay friends. They are worried, too. They warned that male relationships do not always last very long. ......Social workers insist that the boys badly need a stable home where there is no risk of the adults breaking up in the future. However, none of the 20 male couples in England who adopted children in the year up to March 2008 had formally cemented their relationship in a civil partnership, according to government figures. ...... Social workers say the family will not see the boys again until they are grown up.

The gay couple have insisted the children are permanently parted from their relatives as a condition of the adoption. ......'Emotional harm' became part of the social workers' lexicon some years ago. It is now the catalyst for 27 per cent of all English adoptions, a far higher proportion than that triggered by sexual and physical abuse. Critics say it means children can be 'forcibly' adopted if there are parental rows or even a future likelihood of them while a child is under 18.

There is no explanation because the real intention of those social-workers is to hand these boys over to a couple of homos, the boys are guinea pigs, this is social engineering plain and simple. The leftists don't care about the loving family relatives already willing to take them in, they don't care about the boys, all they're interested in is pushing their pro-homo agenda upon society. You see they think that taking it up the bakside is perfectly normal behavior, never mind that only a very small percentage of the population is actually homosexual, no way, everyone must accept, embrace and participate in their crap.

They don't care that people have no problem if they and their various boooyfriends are screwing around with each other behind closed doors, no that's not enough, they want to choke their anti-traditional family agenda down society's throats. To these assholes, it's all just a game, who cares about the future of the boys, screw the loving home and relatives happy to take in the kids, screw you and your Christian heritage, no, the queers come first and all their various fantasies have to be entertained you see. Whatever the queers want, the queers will get, even if they insist the boys must never get to see their extended family.

The grandparents can go to hell, the social-assholes are firmly on the side of the queers. One day society will wake up to the realization that your children aren't your children, these nanny-state bastards can do what they please with your children, they can take them away and you or your relatives will never see them again. With Britain's growing Muslim population, one day these social-worker assholes may try this with Muslim kids and they might not back down in the face of resistance. Then if heaven forbid, a couple of them are strung up from a lamp post, I'll raise a glass of fine Tennessee whiskey to their memories,to you know, cope with the sorrow.

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