Kevin Rudd - A nasty character

This is Kevvie in public, when the cameras are rolling, the people are watching or there's an election on. It's all smiles, waves, hugs and nice-nice.

But witness how the tune changes when he's not in public, when he doesn't have to pretend that he gives a damn about the citizens, heaven help you when the glass-jawed, irritable baby doesn't get his way.
Herald Sun - KEVIN Rudd has apologised for reducing a young female RAAF cabin attendant to tears in a dispute over a meal. Mr Rudd apologised for any offence he might have caused an RAAF flight attendant after a tirade of abuse because he did not get a meal he wanted during a VIP flight, pleading: ”I’m only human.” ...... The Prime Minister's behaviour reportedly appalled a number of senior Government officials. An official report was filed by the flight crew about the behaviour of VIP No. 1 - Mr Rudd - after the flight from Port Moresby to Canberra in late January.

...... The PM's chief spin doctor, Lachlan Harris, initially tried to cover up the incident with a flat denial that it had even occurred. But the report by the Commander of the VIP fleet, Group Capt Peter Wood, leaves no doubt about Mr Rudd's behaviour. ......Mr Rudd has been losing weight and is on a non-red meat and fruit only dessert diet.

It is not the first unsavoury incident involving Mr Rudd and RAAF cabin crew. During a flight between Sydney and Canberra last June he became "extremely irritated" when the only food on offer was gourmet sandwiches, rather than a hot meal, a source said.
A real piece of work ain't he; and these aren't the only incidents where the tantrum-prone baby has reduced people to tears, with him it's preach one thing and practice another. Can someone please make a note to check that the cabin attendant Kevvie felt he had the right to abuse isn't posted to some shithole somewhere as punishment. Yes, I know that the PM apologized for being a real asshole and the press have dutifully swallowed it [some of the sniveling sycophants are presenting his tirade of abuse as just a bit of 'rudeness', like he didn't say thank you or something], but I don't trust that this fellow hasn't made arrangements to get-square with those involved.

He's certainly proved that he can be a real nasty piece of work when the cameras aren't rolling. So he's going to have to be kept in line, which I might add is very unbecoming for a Prime Minister, but typical for a leftist.

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