Keith McNally strikes again! Razor-tongued restaurant owner goes after Lauren Sanchez

Artificial boobs often deliver a good return on investment.  Most Hollywood ladies seem to have them.  But this pair must set some sort of record for that.  She is also very deferenial to Bezos so I can see what her critic sees. She "crawls" to him, which is a bit sickening.  But he seems happy with his artificial lady so who are we to criticize?  She obviously likes the deal too.  She obviously thinks a billionaire is worth a bit of deference

In my past adventures I have myself been to bed with artificial DD boobs but did not find them very satisfying.  My present girlfriend's natural 12Cs suit me just fine

Note: I gather that bra sizes are not described the same in Australia and America. "12" above indicates a slender body

Celebrity restaurateur Keith McNally has taken aim at Lauren Sanchez in a late-night Instagram rant, branding Jeff Bezos' fiancée 'revolting.'

McNally, who famously feuded with James Corden over an omelet dispute, shared a carousel of recent pictures of Sanchez and Bezos, and proceeded to skewer the pair in a post that went up late Monday night.

'Does anybody else find Jeff Bezos' New wife - Lauren Sanchez - ABSOLUTELY REVOLTING?' he wrote.

'What an ugly and F***ing SMUG - LOOKING couple they make. Is this what having 1000 Billion dollars does to people?'

McNally's seemingly unprovoked roast comes a week after Sanchez and Bezos made several public appearances together in Washington, DC at the White House's state dinner for the Prime Minister of Japan and to present the Courage and Civility Award - an annual grant of $100million that Bezos distributes.

Keith McNally shared a carousel of pictures of Lauren Sanchez and her fiancé, Jeff Bezos, and proceeded to skewer the pair on Monday night

It is not clear why McNally targeted Sanchez and Bezos specifically.

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