Another very negative view of COP 26

It's just a great excuse for the rich and powerful to have a satisfying get-together.  It CANNOT achieve anything.  Change is up to the national legislatures


I don't know which image of unbridled hypocrisy, sickening privilege and total tone-deafness made me fume more.

The parade of 400 private jets parked up at Scottish airports as world leaders, royalty and billionaires gushed out more carbon within a 24-hour period than most of us will in a lifetime in order to arrive at Cop26 and preach that we must all change our lives forever more in order to reach Net Zero by 2050.

Or the dangerous Insulate Britain criminals splayed once more on the roads, this time in Manchester, to stop more hardworking Brits from going to work, taking their kids to school or getting to hospital when most of these eco-terrorists haven't even bothered to properly insulate their own homes.

And that's just the start of the maddening spectacle of Flop26 over the past 48 hours.

There have been hyperbolic statements about the end of the world designed to terrify our children from the great and the good; a sweary display from that omnipresent sulky teen Greta Thunberg; no shows from China and Russia; the Archbishop of Canterbury comparing the climate debate to Nazi appeasement; and Prince Charles blatantly wading into politics yet again by demanding a 'vast military-style campaign' to reduce emissions.

In fact, I'd go as far to say there's never been a bigger disconnect between everyday Brits and the political, business and media elite determined to tell us what we must do while not changing a thing about their own lovely lives.

And I say all of this as a passionate environmentalist.

I actually spent much of my own youth as some sort of 1980s Kiwi Thunberg wannabe, writing songs and campaigning about the hole in the Ozone Layer that, you might remember, was going to lead to our imminent demise.

Yup, I was one of those terrified youngsters back then who listened to the environmental doomsday merchants with complete terror.

But guess what? Moderate changes to chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in spray cans and refrigerants over a period of time have meant that the Ozone hole has actually shrunk in recent years! 

The world survived the warnings from the hysterical campaigners (again) and I learnt a big lesson that constant scare campaigns from people who jet around the globe in private jets is not the best way to tackle climate change or environmental issues.

This is where you would hope the so-called independent British broadcast media would step in to bring a degree of perspective to Cop26 proceedings.

Chance would be a fine thing.

Instead, we've had hysterical Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow tweeting on his way to the summit: 'En route to COP26 - trees and branches affected by climate change have slowed our rail journey - tho the branches have been cleared we are doen (sic) to 5mph - What an irony! What a message! We MUST change! Dare we hope that we shall?'

Er, is a so-called impartial broadcaster really trying to claim that branches never fell onto train lines thanks to storms before the so-called 'climate emergency'?

Sky News' craven coverage has been unsurprising, given they are an official sponsor of Cop26 and run a dire daily climate show.

But I'd like to see one of their journalists question the company's own chief executive Dana Strong, who spent the first half of the year commuting to her job in London from Philadelphia in the US via – you guessed it – private jet!

And, despite forcing its own TV dramas to start including characters driving electric cars and rejecting meat for vegan dishes, Sky had the audacity to defend the 3,500-mile transatlantic commute.

A spokesperson for the company said: 'Many CEOs leading multinational companies have schedules that mean it is appropriate to use different modes of transport. It is critical to counterbalance this, that is why we offset carbon emissions caused by the business travel of Sky employees.'

Translation: While we're telling our viewers to stop going on holiday and reduce meat consumption, if you're rich, you don't need to change a damn thing.

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