Greens senator retracts rape claim against Home Affairs Minister, apologises

This would normally be a matter of no general interest except for one thing: It is an example of the lie about rape that regularly sprouts from Leftist women:  The lie that women do not lie about rape. "Believe the woman", they say. 

Women in fact lie prolifically.  There are many cases -- particularly in Britain -- where rape allegations have been found in court to be false.  Britain has even jailed some of false accusers in the more egregious cases

It is just amazing how readily Leftists resort to psychopathic lies -- lies that are easily found out to be lies.  If they wish something to be true, they act as if it were true.  Their reality-contact is very poor. It is a major mental defect in them

Greens senator Larissa Waters has issued an “unreserved” apology to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton after calling him a “rape apologist” last month.

The Courier-Mail revealed on Saturday Mr Dutton had sent a legal letter to the Queensland senator demanding the apology and removal of online posts containing the insult.

Senator Waters’ comments were made on social media site Twitter in February, in reaction to a news article in which Mr Dutton referred to not knowing the “he said, she said” in the Brittany Higgins rape allegations that have rocked Parliament.

“WOMEN DO NOT LIE ABOUT BEING RAPED (Peter Dutton) YOU INHUMANE, SEXIST RAPE APOLOGIST,” she posted, with similar comments made in a press release.

Tonight she posted an apology to both Twitter and her own website.

“On 25 February 2021 I published a media release on my website, posted on my Twitter account, and made in the course of a press conference false and defamatory statements that Peter Dutton is a rape apologist, that he has sought to conceal and dismiss reports of rape, and that he has no sympathy for victims of rape,” she said.

“I accept that there was no basis for those allegations and that they were false. I unreservedly apologise to Minister Dutton for the hurt, distress and damage to his reputation I have caused him.”

Senator Waters’ original tweet was no longer online last night.

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  1. I can think of three types of fake rape allegations on the top of my head and they come from a false victim, the one who desires revenge and the cold and calculated using an allegation as a piece in their scheme.

    If a woman says she did not know until years later that it was a rape then then I wonder who did the convincing and why. Couple that with an alleged rapist being known to have money in his bank account and the fact that rape allegations can pave the way for cases that are too old to be cite (I think that is the term) then there are several red flags in my book of judgement. Red flags are not facts but such a flag serves to point and draw attention to something.

    There is no talent so ardently supported, nor generously rewarded as the ability to convince parasites they are victims. - Sowell (allegedly)


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