Victoria police goons

You would think that they had never heard of George Floyd.  A tall cop throwing a little lady around is pretty disgraceful.  Unlike George Floyd she survived but they could well have injured her

It appears that the police were confrontational rather than polite in their initial approach to her and she was confrontational back.  Not wise but understandable. The Vic cops could learn a lot from the traditional British Bobby, who was always polite

Disturbing footage has emerged showing a woman being choked by a male police officer during a violent arrest in Melbourne after she was caught not wearing a face mask.

The video, which was captured by an onlooker in an apartment building in the locked down city, begins with the male police officer speaking to the red headed woman in baggy jeans.

The woman can clearly be seen without a face mask, which is in breach of public health orders that were introduced on July 19 to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Residents in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire must now cover their face when they leave the house or face a $200 fine under draconian Stage four lockdown restrictions.

But the confrontation quickly turned violent when officer appeared to place his hands around her neck, clearly visible because of his lilac latex gloves.

In the first clip, which has been shared on Facebook, the pair seem to be arguing in the street when the officer grabs the woman by her arm but she resists.

There is a struggle between the pair when the woman appears to place her hands around the officer's vest, the officer then retaliates by placing his hands around her neck.

The woman attempts to free herself. 'What the f***?' she says.

'Get the f*** off me,' she screams.

A man with a purple scarf then appears, who is seen filming the incident from the footpath as another police officer shows up.

The female officer appears to try to speak to the woman as the male officer keeps his grip around her neck.

Police officer pulls the woman to the ground in an attempt to arrest her

He then sits on her and she questions what she is being arrested for

A friend then starts filming the arrest, telling the officer the woman has an exemption for wearing a mask

'He's choking me,' she can be heard saying.

As the officer pushes her against the wall the woman then punches the male officer before she kicks the female.

'F*** you,' she yells.

In the next clip the male officer can be seen sitting on top of the woman as he waits for back up to arrive.

The onlooker in the purple scarf continues to film the incident from different angles.

The woman can be seen struggling, with her feet flapping against the footpath.

The man in the purple scarf then yells for the officer to get off her, saying she has an excuse for not wearing a mask.

'She went to the doctor yesterday. Look what you're causing. You're f***ing hypocrites,' he said.

'Go f*** yourself,' the woman says again.

'Go f*** yourself officer.

'Why am I under arrest? Assault? I did not assault you, you grabbed me.'

In another clip, five officers can be seen surrounding the woman who is now laying face down on the footpath with the officer still on top of her.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Victoria Police for further details.

The footage comes after about 30 people attended a 'freedom rally' to protest the coronavirus lockdown in Melbourne on Sunday.


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  1. The true guide of life is to do what is rightAugust 12, 2020 at 1:43 PM

    Well, I would not like for cops to choke up on political correctness and hesitate to do what is right, but surely this does not appear to be right in this situation, exerting more force than required. Would an arm behind the back work on the feisty little lady without getting to kick the family jewels?


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