Amnesty says: When freedom of speech can be restricted

They long ago became a solid Leftist outfit.  Without any argument or evidence for it they say: "Governments have an obligation to prohibit hate speech and incitement".

How do we know that? How does that "obligation" arise?  What is its source? Is it a constitutional requirement?  Far from it.  The constitution protects ALL speech. It appears that there is no  source for a prohibition on "hate speech" other than Leftist opinion. You are supposed to nod wisely and agree.

Everybody marching in brainless lockstep with one-another was the ideal of G.W.F. Hegel -- the philosophical founder of Leftism. He has plenty of disciples today

I was once a member of Amnesty as I thought it protected dissent.  When it appeared that it protected only speech that Leftists like, I resigned.  At the moment they are big on supporting sexual outliers and condemning Burmese generals who want Muslims out of their country

The particular thing that alienated me is that they are solidly pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel.  They see only one side of a two sided argument -- again typically Leftist

One might have thought that the vast outpouring of hate directed at the Trump administration would have attracted some adverse comment from Amnesty but I know of none.  In fact they recently had up an article under the heading: "Renounce hate in the Trump administration". That article has now been taken down but it was a good example of Leftists projecting their own motivations onto others

You might not expect us to say this, but in certain circumstances free speech and freedom of expression can be restricted.

Governments have an obligation to prohibit hate speech and incitement. And restrictions can also be justified if they protect specific public interest or the rights and reputations of others.

Any restrictions on freedom of speech and freedom of expression must be set out in laws that must in turn be clear and concise so everyone can understand them.

People imposing the restrictions (whether they are governments, employers or anyone else) must be able to demonstrate the need for them, and they must be proportionate.


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