A "caring" society

I was talking to a Leftist lady recently.  I guess I was lucky to be able to do that.  Leftists won't normally talk to conservatives.  We have a habit of mentioning inconvenient facts that challenge their beliefs and they are very attached to their beliefs.

And one thing she said gave me a quiet chuckle.  She said what she wanted was a "caring society".  That would mark her out as a good and wise person among her fellow Leftists but she obviously had no idea how that sounds to conservatives.  There IS no caring society, there never has been and never will be. There are some caring individuals but that is all.

So what conservatives hear is that the Leftist wants to FORCE people to be caring.  Conservatives have no difficulty at all in expanding the phrase into what is really meant by it. It is an advocacy of tyranny and authoritarianism. To conservatives it has a whiff of Robespierre, Stalin and Hitler:  Not desirable company.  So the lady I spoke to presented herself very badly to my conservative ears -- quite contrary to her intentions. But it's very rare for Leftists to have much self-insight.

I did however put it to her that what she wanted was to take money off people who have earned it and give it to people who have not earned it.  I asked her was that fair?  She conceded that it was not fair but rapidly recovered. No self-insight into her authoritarian inclinations emerged.  That she is a perfumed would-be dictator did not seem to be obvious to her. Or maybe tyrants are fine by her. If so, she's got no morality at all -- just Leftist fake righteousness

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  1. All lefty ladies are like that. So "caring" and so controlling wherever they have the opportunity. They don't grasp that true caring is firstly for the freedom of others, and secondly to assist others along in their freedom. Leftist caring does not respect individual freedom and the potential to learn and grow that freedom provides. So leftist caring is just desire to control others.

    They are always talking about how society should be, and in their groups and relationships they are always talking about how "we" should be, but they are always really referring to how others should be, not to their self, for they are convinced they are already how they should be, and it is others who should change.

    They like to portray themselves to others and to themselves as being socially caring, but they seldom actually are caring. Not as individuals. They don't give of themselves. They only care in as much as they think society should provide the actual caring, in other words the government should do it. And that is not caring at all. That is just avoidance and irresponsibility.

    Lefty ladies like jobs in welfare where they can be paid to sit about wasting the day with other lefty ladies talking about how much they care, and about how society and especially men don't care.

    The fact escapes their notice that they are getting paid to do little, and would not do it if they were not being paid, while armies of men in the State Emergency Service, Country Fire Authority, Apex, Masons, Lions,... and many other service groups and initiatives, individually and in groups, are discreetly giving their own time, energy and money to assisting others. And such men don't talk about how caring they are.

    Lefty ladies are quite convinced they are caring and see accurately how things should be, and that it is others who need to change. This is so that lefty ladies can feel accommodated by others. In other words, they fancy others accepting their version of how things should be. Lefty ladies are control freaks in denial. Deluded that they are caring.

    Many do not want to be oppressive dictators. They just don't realise that their order of values makes them so. They value caring above freedom, when they should value freedom above caring.

    If they only accepted that individual freedom is what enables individuals to learn and grow, and society to flourish, and that their caring must be secondary to and supportive of that fact. Then they become lovely conservative ladies, genuinely helpful to others, without being restrictive and oppressive.


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