Be it due to subdued economic conditions or high cost of living pressures, or other factors, migration levels to Australia are falling fast

This is VERY good news. Immigration levels have long been very high.  And many of the immigrants will be in a car of a morning helping to create the peak-hour traffic jams we all know about.  Authorities have not been able to build the wider roads and  extra tunnels that are needed to keep pace with the influx.

And immigrants are big users of the public hospitals, meaning that EVERYONE has to endure long waits just to get an appointment if they have anything seriously wrong with them.  Older people remember the time when hospital staff were always waiting to take charge the minute an ambulance rolled up.  Now the ambulance will often have to wait hours to unload -- "ramping" it is called.  And while the ambulance is waiting to unload, it can't be sent to help another patient.  So everybody waits, even urgent cases.

We need a radical slowdown in immigration if public services are to catch up

According to Commsec, citing overseas arrivals and departures data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics earlier today, net migration — simply arrivals less departures — fell to 263,920 in the year to May, the lowest annual total since March 2007.

That equates to around 1.1% of Australia’s total population.


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