Must not blame migrant intake for traffic jams

Over a million immigrants have arrived in Britain in recent years.  And in bureaucratically-strangled England the provision of new and improved infrastructure such as roads and bridges is very slow.  So you have a lot more drivers using basically the same roads as before.  And since British traffic was very prone to jams before, the result is predictable.  The guy below  expressed that thought a little clumsily but he was in fact perfectly logical

Deal or No Deal host Noel Edmonds has been criticised on Twitter after suggesting migrants were to blame for a traffic jams that caused him to abandon a journey.

The 67-year-old tweeted to his 11,000 followers this morning: 'Just tried to get somewhere. Allowed loads of time but abandoned journey. Am I alone in feeling Britain is full?'

He followed it up by saying: 'But just supposing, I know it's a ridiculous thought, crazy even, totally insane obviously, but supposing UKs full?'


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