"Negro" now not allowed in Australia?

The High Court of Australia ruled in 2002 that the word "n*gger" is not offensive in Australia so there is little doubt that "negro" is also not generally offensive in Australia. People who take their cue from American sensitivities would however object to the term.

Additionally, "Negro" is a scientifically correct term  for a person of sub-Saharan African origin or ancestry.  Leftist hysteria has however moved most scientists these days to use the ponderous circumlocution "sub-Saharan African" instead of "Negro"

"Black" is the customary term in America these days but "Negro" is more accurate than "black" because most American blacks are in fact brown.  And there are a lot of black people (Melanesians and Australian Aborigines) who are black but are not negroes. The Senator below most likely had that latter fact in mind in his choice of words

Australian Government Senator Eric Abetz has bizarrely called U.S. Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas a 'n***o' during a radio interview.  Mr Abetz, 58, used the dated and offensive slur during an interview on Sydney radio, while being interviewed about the push for marriage equality.

'It was completely debunked by Clarence Thomas, the n***o American on the Supreme Court of the United States,' he said on 2UE.

Radio host Justin Smith could be heard quizzically muttering, 'n***o', as the Senator continued with his sentence.  Moments earlier, Mr Smith had asked the Senator about whether a business should be allowed to serve or not serve customers based on gender, race or sexuality grounds.

Mr Abetz was quickly criticised for the comment on social media, with many saying it was an offensive remark.  'And here's me thinking dinosaurs were extinct,' one Twitter user wrote. 'Simply jaw-droppingly offensive that Senator Abetz uses word 'n***o' - walking anachronism,' Tom Allen said.


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  1. How can Negro possibly be offensive? unless someone is just wanting to be offended, which of course leftists want to be all the time. I have always considered Negro to be a polite, formal and scientifically correct term. What other term is there to refer properly to Negros? The term African is inaccurate because there are many white and Indian Africans. And the term Blacks includes Sri-Lankans and others who are often blacker than many Negros, especially in the USA. So Negro it should be. Its polite, its proper and its formal. But I'm an ordinary rural Australian male so I'm not always looking around for something the be offended at like so many leftist morons are today.


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