I am a multiculturalist

I am a multiculturalist but I don't believe that all cultures are equal.  A Leftist has to believe the absurdity that they are equal because he believes that all men are equal -- despite all the evidence to the contrary all around him.

I am a multiculturalist because I grew up as one.  I grew up in a town in the Australian tropics that even has a rather multicultural name. "Innisfail" is Irish (Gaelic) for "Isle of Destiny" -- which is a romantic name for Ireland. And since I do have substantial Irish ancestry that bothers me not a bit.  And you will never hear a bad word about Ireland from me.

But, more germanely, Innisfail was only about half Anglo-Celtic.  Most of the rest of the population was Italian but there were substantial numbers of Spaniards, Greeks, Chinese and Maltese,  And I also knew a few Sikhs, Danes, Russian and Germans.  No Muslims or Africans, though. And guess what?  It all worked perfectly well.  Recent imigrants who spoke little English were not included in much but they were not harassed in any way either.  So I have seen a very multicultural society work well in my own lifetime.  I KNOW it is perfectly possible.

So let me tell a little story about why I don't believe that all cultures are equal.

I was recently at an Indian restaurant that did not sell alcohol but I decided that I would like some beer.  Beer goes well with Indian food.  There was a liquor shop nearby run by a Scotsman -- but it was 5 minutes past his closing time.  He was still there, however, so I knocked on his door and asked if I could buy some beer.  He refused.  He was too proud to bend his rules for a mere customer. Very British!  If you have ever been shopping in Britain, you will know what I mean.

Then, last night, I dined at another Indian restaurant which also was a sort of general store.  I was rather taken with the unusual spoons they gave us with our dinner and decided that I would like to buy some.  So I asked about that.  They said that they  did not stock them for sale.  After consultations, however, they sold me some from their own working stocks.  They went out of their way to do business. Very Indian.

So when I walked out of the restaurant, I had the spoons I wanted and they had my money in their till.  A perfect arrangement.  Capitalism embodied.  Why can't everybody be like that?

So, you see, cultures are different and some (not all) of those differences can be to our advantage.  What I have said here is merely anecdotal and, as such, is no proof of anything but, having spent time in both Britain and India, I can assure all and sundry that the two experiences I have described are abolutely typical of the two nations concerned.

It's a sad day when Indians are more capitalist than the British but it is so.  Jaguar cars have been going from strength to strength recently -- since the firm was taken over by an Indian.  India is poor  because of its socialist politics but individual Indians are great businessmen.

But, as I started out saying, not all cultures are the same -- as we see below.

Multiculturalist casually murders good kid

The grieving family of a popular 15-year-old murdered in a horrific street stabbing have described him as 'amazing' and 'the best'.

Joshua Williams, 18, stabbed Alan Cartwright in the chest in an 'utterly senseless' attack as he cycled along a busy street in Islington, North London, with friends.


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