Banned, the British lingerie advert that was 'too sexy' for the side of a bus

The usual "for the children" cry. Unmentioned is that British kids get sex education in their shools which is WAY more explicit than the ad above. And the fact that the complainants grumbled about the ad "objectifying women" tells you who they were: The boiler-suit brigade. No-one would objectify them!
A lingerie advert for Marks & Spencer has been banned for being ‘overtly sexual’. The advert, shown on the side of double-decker buses, pictured a woman on a bed with her legs apart, back arched, one arm above her head and the other touching her thigh.

Fifteen people complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about that image, and another for the store.

They said the adverts for the Autograph range of lingerie ‘objectified women’ and were unsuitable for buses as they were ‘sexually suggestive’ and could be seen by children.

The ASA cleared one advert showing models in less suggestive poses, saying that children would ‘understand the poster was advertising lingerie and, as such, the models would not be fully clothed’.

But it said of the other advert: ‘We considered that the image was of an overtly sexual nature and was therefore unsuitable for untargeted outdoor display, as it was likely to be seen by children. We concluded that the advert was socially irresponsible.’


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