Does Montague William lll exist?

Neither Wikipedia nor Snopes appear to have heard of him yet there is a video by him that has multiple appearances on the web so he has not in any way been censored.  And it is a beautiful performance. It is totally opposite in style to Hitler but probably outdoes Hitler in asserting convincingly that bankers rule the world.  That belief is still common on the Left.

I particularly like his speaking voice. He has a  beautiful "cut glass" accent (well articulaed RP).  My own accent is educated Australian -- "university English" --  which is quite close to RP.  So I find RP to be easily understood.  Being a bit deaf, other accents often cause me to miss some of what is being said

The video is clearly a work of fiction but whoever made it did a very good job

I believe there was a real British playboy named Montague William lll, now deceased. I see that the performer above was British actor Michael Daviot. Actors have to be able to "do" different accents

I gather that the video premiered in 2011. I enjoyed it greatly and watched it several times. I think it is the best monologue I have seen

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