A symphony of disgust

Mark Latham was called  "disgusting" by a homosexual man.  In reply to the insult Latham described a homosexual act and called such acts "disgusting".  But the disgust did not end there.  Latham has been called disgusting by all and sundry for describing what male homosexuals do.

A rather overlooked point however is what the condemnation of Latham implies.  What he described was called disgusting. That surely implies that homosexual acts are disgusting.  Many would agree with that.  But their condemnation of Latham surely implies that his critics too regard homosexual acts as disgusting.  Did they really mean to let that cat out of the bag?

One Nation's Mark Latham under fire for homophobic tweet.
Mark Latham's second controversy over LGBT issues in as many weeks has caused a split in One Nation, with federal senator Pauline Hanson admonishing his remarks as "disgusting".

Mr Latham, the One Nation leader in NSW, posted and deleted a graphic and homophobic tweet, directed at comments by Independent MP Alex Greenwich, on Thursday.

It has sparked widespread condemnation, including from within his party, and comes just 10 days after queer activists were allegedly bashed outside one of his pre-election speeches.

Ms Hanson, the federal senator and One Nation leader, said Mr Latham was not returning her calls last night.

"I want you to know that I don't condone them [the comments], and neither do my members of parliament or party associates," Ms Hanson said in a video statement.

"I think they are disgusting.

"I have actually tried to ring Mark a couple of times, to no avail … and also I've asked him to give the people an apology."

Mr Greenwich said he was not expecting an apology and that he planned not to engage with the matter further.

"We know that some people seek to target the LGBTQ community to get attention, I don't intend to help them with that," he said.

"When you're in public office, and public life, as an openly, proud gay man, you're going to get targeted.

"But I focus more on the majority of people across the state who love, support and celebrate the LGBTQ community."

He later posted a tweet of his own, showing a picture of him with husband Victor Hoeld.

"For those wondering how I'm doing after Latham's homophobic attacks today, I'm fine and I'm more motivated than ever to deliver long overdue LGBTIQA+ reforms … and I have the most handsome husband."


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