The Albanian is in dreamland

Below is the opening of an article about his policies that makes no sense whatever. How can he have real wages growth amid inflation? Inflation REDUCES real wages across the board so that is his big problem. But the rest of his policies will in fact increase inflation. He's got all these new spending commitments that he is determined to implement but will not raise taxes to pay for them.

So it's back to the printing press to create the money needed. And that is by definition inflationary. Government addiction to spending beyond their means has given us big inflation and it is only a cut in spending that will cure it. And as your money buys less and less, we are in for a period of harshly reduced standards of living. Feel sorry for pensioners. Albo is even robbing them

Anthony Albanese says he will pursue a “large” legislative agenda beyond what Labor committed to at the election – despite growing economic challenges – with the October budget to be focused on finding savings without raising taxes.

In an interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister said he remained hopeful there would be real wage growth in this term of parliament and ruled out new emergency Covid support payments if there are outbreaks beyond this winter.

The comments come ahead of the new parliament resuming next week, with the government under pressure over the rising cost of living, interest rate hikes and a clash with the Greens over legislation enshrining a new 43 per cent emissions reduction target in law.

With rising interest rates, inflation and a worsening global economy making budget management more challenging, Mr Albanese said he would not be walking away from any of Labor’s pre-election commitments, including more money for childcare, skills and aged care.

Mr Albanese said there would be no new revenue measures in the October budget, with the focus instead on finding savings. He said there was “always a need for policy changes” to respond to changing circumstances, but the government would remain true to its mandate.

“We want to be a reforming government but we will be acting on our commitments.


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