Australia: Religious group members arrested over eight-year-old Elizabeth Struhs' death

This is a recurring problem.  There are always some people who are so confident in their religious beliefs that they are prepared to risk the well-being of their children over it.  On this occasion the fanatics discontinued the girl's diabetes medication in the belief that prayer alone would cure her

This is not a problem of religion.  99% of Christians don't go to such lengths.  It is a problem of egotism -- of being certain despite all contrary evidence that you are right in your judgements.  Inflated views of yourself too often lead to great evils.

The four men and eight women, aged 19 to 64, are expected to be charged with murder later today.

Elizabeth's parents, 50-year-old Jason Struhs and 46-year-old Kerrie Struhs, have already been charged over the girl's death. 

Police said the group was aware of the eight-year-old's medical condition and did not seek medical assistance. 

More than 30 officers conducted a search at a residence in Homestead Avenue, in Harristown, where 12 residents were arrested.

Detective Acting Superintendent Garry Watts said the investigation was unprecedented. "In my 40 years of policing, I've never faced a matter like this," he said. "And I'm not aware of a similar event in Queensland, let alone Australia."

Detective Watts said the group were expected to be charged tonight and appear in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Sources have told the ABC the religious group is a small and tight-knit group with no ties to any established church in Toowoomba.

Jason and Kerrie Struhs, who are facing charges including murder, torture, and failing to provide necessities of life, were last before the Toowoomba Magistrates Court in late June. 

Appearing via video link the pair again chose to represent themselves. They were remanded in custody and will return to court later in July.

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