Another disgruntled black lady

What she says below may be true of black men for all I know but it is a far too cynical a judgment as it applies to white men I know.  As an elderly Australian male, I am often in receipt of kindness from others, both male and female.  The kindness is obviously real, as they have nothing to gain from it.

I think of myself as a kind person and women occasionally confirm that but I guess kindness to women is always suspect.  But suspicions can be wrong.  Genuine kindness can be real

All men benefit from most men harming women, including those self-proclaimed nice guys women love to fawn over. They are involved and intentionally benefitting from your pain as well!

I am going to say this once: no man on planet earth is a nice guy. There are millions of these types, yet the world looks the way it does! And you ladies accept this “good man” shit as truth?

Wouldn’t the world look much differently if men were actually nice, instead of giving us lip service solely to reap any sexual benefits that may manifest from treating women the way we should be treated in the first place?

I have said this before and I will say it again: men, and human beings in general, do not do anything out of the kindness of their hearts.

Think about it: why are nice guys only willing to protect you when you are with them; meaning, when you are fucking them and catering to their needs? How come they are not so protective of women they aren’t attracted to? Why are these “nice guys” given permission to provide half-assed protection for one woman while this same man can exist as a perpetrator to many others?

When it comes to half-assed protection, I am referring to the fact that all he has to do is stand beside you. Other men will know you are taken and they will leave you alone for the most part. Hardly any effort is involved at all! But if you are out by yourself you still are subjected to the same treatment and harassment that single women face regularly. This is why the wife cults tell women they should never be out in public without a man present.

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According to the opposite sex, two wrongs make a right: as women we need a man to protect us from men. I don’t know about you, but their “logic” is so entertaining to me. This is the extent by which men care about your safety; when you are with one of them.

So what is the connection between relationships and the dangerous world of gangs and cartels? Why on earth did I use “pussy cartel,” a completely made-up term, in the title? I’m glad you asked! Men beg women to be with them by infiltrating our heads with cat lady stories and dying alone narratives. This is how single ladies are being targeted by these self-proclaimed good men for protection money. Only our protection money isn’t actual dollars; these good guys are compensated in the form of sex.

Why do you think random guys are obsessed with knowing your relationship status? It is really because they are genuinely interested in you?

These so-called nice guys see very clearly the struggles and anxiety you experience from their own kind. And instead of actually enacting any real change for women to be safe on a permanent basis, regardless if they are single or not, they tease us with protection in exchange for pussy as compensation.

It’s kind of like the police being corrupt (in certain places). While everyone believes them to be unsung heroes who are working tirelessly to eradicate drugs and drug-related crimes, they are cashing out on the underhanded deals they make with the cartels.

This, ladies, is the reality of men.

Nice guys finish last my ass! Nice guys put themselves first, just like the men they claim are their opposites that you need to be protected from.


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