Proof that beauty is not everything

Paige Spiranac has it all:  An exceptionally pretty face in an extremely sexy body.  Yet it took her a while to find a partner who suited her. She is now aged 29 and has been married for five years but before that she had a lot of boyfriends.  I cannot imagine that any of those boyfriends would have let her go willingly so think that she must have been the one to break off the relationships concerned.

She does admit to being very tyrannical about how her men have to look and dress.  And she does use CNB -- a Marijuana extract -- to get to sleep.  So it would appear that she is fairly uptight.  She has missed out on a relaxed personality, which must be stressful at times.  She is exceptional physically but only about average mentally. Anyone with the gift of contentment -- which includes many conservatives -- would have a happier life than her  -- JR


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