Autism Speaks, and It’s Telling Others to Shut Up

I reproduce below the opening salvo of an article about autism by an autistic person.  It is a very angry article.  It is not clear how autism manifests itself in his case but he clearly perceives that he is badly treated by others and basically would prefer it if nobody ever identified him as autistic.

But it ain't necessarily so. He rightly says that all autistics are diferent but takes no account of the fact that some autistics can be reasonably happy with their condition. He particularly fails to take note of the fact that there are often some positives to autism.  Autistics often have great "gifts" in certain areas.  They may be very good at mathematics, music etc.  And that can be very life-enhancing in some cases

And because there are a reasonable number of autistics around, it is a lively possibility that one might find oneself attracted to one.  I am myself a high-functioning autistic who is at present in a relationship with another high functioning autistic and that does to a degree ease communication between us.  But most of my relationships over the years have been with high-IQ normal women. 

But my three relationships with fellow autistics have been very positive -- experiences I have enjoyed greatly.

And one rather advantagrous thing is that autistics tend to be "glued on" to certain things and behaviours.  And that can in some cases mean that an autistic woman is "glued on" to her man. The man will often be pretty happy about that.  He will not be worried about her "straying".

So in summary, being autistic can be a rather happy experience, and one that the autistic person will happily talk about.  I am regularly forgiven some of my sins because people can see that my sins are just one aspect of my autism.  It helps people to understand me, which is always helpful

Good morning, everyone! It is April 6th and I am already sick to death of Autism “Awareness” Month.

First of all, “awareness” is a ridiculous concept. The vast majority of people have heard of autism. If anything, we’d prefer a whole lot less of this particular brand of awareness.

Now, let’s talk allistics. An allistic (“person with allism”, for those of them who prefer person-first language so much) is a person who is not autistic. #TurnItDownTaupe for the poor allistics.

But really, allistics, let’s chat. You love to chat. Y’all will absolutely not stop talking during the month of April, and I have had it.

At this point, I’ve had the same conversations so many times that I have an intro like I’m in Autistics Anonymous. Hi, my name is Jo, and I’m an autistic. Yes, I’m really autistic. No, my ability to write sentences does not prove that I’m not autistic. No, it’s not a “different type” than your nephew in Wyoming. Yes, I do “seem normal”, because autism is normal.


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