Single woman says men shouldn’t get a second date if they don’t pay

<i>I don't agree wholly with what the woman below says but I think she is right about paying on the first date.  It is a test of financial competence and a woman can rightly be concrerned about that.  If he can't pay on a date, how is he going to go on later occasions?  She is simply being realistic, unfeminist though that may be.  I have NEVER asked a woman to pay for anything when they are out with me</i>

A woman who goes by Gabby admitted to testing men on first dates in order to determine if she’ll go out with them again.

“Here are some tests that I play on men in order to see if they;re going to be able to provide and protect me,” she stated on her TikTok.

She started with a widely debated social media topic, men paying on the first date, The Sun reported.

She asserted that the man needs to be paying on the first date, regardless of circumstances.

“And if he’s not then, goodbye,” she said dismissively.

The next test came with an example.

“This weekend I went out to the bar in Miami and I ran into someone that I had been following on Instagram. So we hung out for most of the night and then as we were leaving we both had Ubers going separate ways.

“His Uber came first. He was like ‘oh no I’ll wait for you.’ I was like ’you don’t have to wait for me,’ being kind, whatever. And this man gets into his Uber and takes off.

“It is 4:00 AM in Miami, Florida, where no good is to come. Everything is shut down and I’m standing by myself in the middle of the f*****g street? Immediately no, immediately no.

“If you don‘t care about my safety and making sure that I get into my Uber safely, you’re done. You’re done for. And then if you don’t go ahead and double-check that I made it safely? Bye.”

Gabby’s final test was relative to temperature.

When she‘s out, if a guy has a jacket or some type of outerwear on, she will claim to be cold to gauge if the guy would give her “the shirt off his back.”

“And if you don‘t you’re dead to me,” she concluded.

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